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About Us


School Of Tennis Founder


Passionate about the growth of tennis through education and self discovery based on the latest reseach and proven methods. School of Tennis was developed travelling the globe, searching for the pathways the current players took to get their.

From experiences on court with the worlds top 100 ATP to the South American ITF tour School of Tennis has gained invaluable insights to the many different methods players and coaches have used to reach the top. 

Specialising in foundations of players, it is the individual that holds the keys to their own successes. Understanding how to find the individual charateristics is the secret to getting the best out of each athlete.


Ben O'Brien 

Currently working with ATP and ITF players while assisting in the development the Performance Pro qualification with the ATPCA.

Fully Qualified with Tennis Australia and the ATPCA. 

A recognised Bi-Lateral Coach.