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To control anger on the tennis court it needs to happen way before the player even steps on court. Unfortunately the more often anger occurs the more it becomes habit, it is natural however it can be controlled.

Tennis players that get angry tend to be in a habit of letting anger just happen if certain things on court don't go their way. For example if they miss a forehand down the line it may bring past events back into the mind and trigger anger.

 It’s essential that a player realizes how much anger can affect the fine motor skills of tennis. Just a small amount of anger can lead to tension build up in muscles effecting performance.

 A good exercise is to plan how you will react to anger triggers before you step on court. An example of this is a player who gets angry at making simple mistakes, they need to come up with a plan and practice it. Positive self talk, “it’s ok, keep trying” or “I did well I’ll make the adjustment next point” is much better than “that was stupid” or “I can’t do this.”

Some people have mentioned that it is impossible to control their anger on court, but have never had the opportunity to master their anger off the court. Controlling your emotions and habits takes progressions and professional advice, be proactive and cultivate your anger management when in a relaxed and tranquil state, away from the court.

Join School of Tennis to get more information or enroll for the online course at School of Tennis to learn simple methods to progress. The program is used by current ATP players and down to junior level. Don’t put this area of your game off for another time, the weakest area of your game is the one you don’t acknowledge.

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