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Tennis is very much a mental game and with simple techniques children can learn better focus and concentration.

Let us come to your club and run a workshop that introduces all players to true mental toughness and not just for sport.

Our workshop will help kids at school and social environments.  
Our program is based around getting children to focus and concentrate on the important things around them. Kids have a wonderful way of expressing colourful images and creating fun environments within their own minds. With some guided tuition children can learn to use these tools to help them learn the most valuable things that matter when learning. For example allowing a child to visualise hitting a forehand with vivid imagery helps them stay positive and focused to make that shot happen. 

The program is currently used by many ITF juniors and ATP players. The workshop is developed from extensive research into the world’s top players and combined with successful junior programs.

Discovering the tennis mind is fun and very easy, children go away with many different ways to enjoy and play the game while learning to focus better. Our programs not only help kids with tennis but also at school and other learning activities.


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