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Getting angry on court creates too high of an arousal level to perform elite skills and extract key information from points.

Anger lifts your adrenaline and cortisol levels in between points, which will exhaust your energy levels.

Making a conscious effort to improve this part of your game is an important step to achieving your goals.

How to deal with emotions?

Off the court, the best long-term investment is meditation. It will also help other areas in
your life. Your life situation outside of tennis will always be a changing dynamic, however
when you’re on court, your self control is vital and is a skill in itself.

Follow our Meditation link for more information.

On the court your main areas to improve are in between points and games:


Routine: After each point finishes, your routine will come into play. Your breathing in
particular is the regulator of your heart-rate and arousal levels. There is no one perfect
routine, however creating habits will save you energy in long games and matches. Find out more about our recommended routines (RPMTM) that have great benefits


Positive Self-Talk: Find positives in your previous point. Figure out what you did right and where your judgement let you down. Start the next point thinking positively about your point structure and execution.


Perfection: The dynamic of tennis is such, that to play points with the expectation of not making errors, is a delusion. Tennis is a game of risk assessment, your self-mastery will allow you to place yourself in probable situations, not to hide from taking the correct risks.

Certain personality types place a great importance on achieving perfection, in tennis terms:  your perfection is your awareness.