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School of Tennis concentrates on improving your awareness in the presence.

The program educates on negativity, anger, and why we feel and think things on court. Each player will learn how powerful the mind really is and how much it has been holding back the ability of millions of players.

Through Guided Tennis Meditation the Mental Art of Tennis teaches individuals how to have a clear state of mind that eliminates thought during each point throughout a match.

What Does this Do?

  • Allows Peak Performance on each point for the entire match
  • Provides Alertness and Awareness of crucial information
  • Allows maximum physical movement
  • Takes away the Pressure you feel before, during and after
  • Quickly and efficiently deal with emotions on court
  • Lets you love the game. Competitors often forget to play for enjoyment!


Why no thought?

You don't think about how you are walking or talking the same principle applies for tennis. We teach you to react and enjoy each and every moment, movement, stroke and point win or lose.

Meditation is a big part of the program. It's fun, progressive and EXTREMELY powerful for on court performance.

With the Mental Art of Tennis Program your between point routine is a key learning factor to keeping the mind steady. This helps the base game plan, tactics and strategy necessary during the match.

School of Tennis teaches you how to access your best tennis every point. We aim to maximize your potential and maintain a high level of play, removing the 'ups and downs' that are so common in tennis.

25 Seconds is the Maximum Between Points...  If you spend it getting upset or celebrating too much your ability to stay focused and be aware of crucial information disappears. Presence is everything and a player must stay grounded and follow routines. Any time wasted can have a lead on effect not just for the next point but the following games.

Players are having great success from our programs because we teach very effective routines between points. Our meditation techniques are the KEY for superior performance on court.

With our background in Mental Strengthening, School of Tennis can help any tennis player that wants to succeed.