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The Tennis Mental Conditioning Introduction

The Tennis Mental Conditioning Program Elite

The Mental Conditioning Program is completely unique to School of Tennis.
The program has been developed from years of dedicated work with top ITF, ATP and WTA players. 

The program is unique because students learn true mental toughness in different stages and different ways.

Our methodology is that no two students are the same and the course is designed for flexibility and individuality.

How Does it Work?
Students will start with a one to one online consultation with Ben.
This sets up the mindset that all coaches, parents and player will follow through with over the duration of the course. 
The student will set a timeline with commitments along with self discovery of own emotional strengths such as:
- Motivation
- Mindset and emotional strengths
- Building on court presence
- Routine development including pre-match, between points and change of ends
- Daily and weekly mental conditioning exercises to be monitored by coaches and parents
- Fortnightly Skype session to review and set up next stage of mental conditioning.
- Unlimited corrspondence via email .

The course duration is 3 months. The Program will be based around your current tennis program. We aim to build mental strength using the time and available resources you have. 

At the end of the Course students will be confident to:
Self manage pressure, anxiety and nerves in a professional matter.
Develop a powerful and unique routine during the match specifically between points.
Understand and apply true mental toughness every match all match.

If students complete the first 3 months they will be invited to complete the Tactical Analysis Course. The course also highlights each individuals best strategies to win against different opponents while still monitoring your mental conditioning for true mental toughness.
Tennis Specific Meditation and Guide Book is included in the course. Meditation teaches presence and techniques to handle any situation on court, bringing focus back to the moment and enjoying all moments of the game.
Please feel free to join School of Tennis for free and read more about the amazing benefits of meditation.
Please feel free to contact us and ask any questions regarding the course.