Point Structure


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‘Point Structure’ – The ability to manipulate the outcome of the point, either by forced error or winner.

Tennis follows a set of geometric laws, which are based on court, ball and racquet- see our tactical matrix

  • You can win points through structure, you can win points without structure, however to improve, you must increase your ability to win points through structure.
  • The player with the most developed ways of winning points through structure has a distinct advantage over three sets.

Most tennis players are caught in the myth of believing that they have to be offensive or defensive in their game and become a type of player, this is very limiting when developing someone’s game.

Learning the best option for each shot you hit is commonly known as shot selection, this is the most important part of tactical learning.

This is based on your shot development through your fine motor skill training and athletic abilities.

Emulating shots of professionals can therefore be harmful to your game, your shot selection therefore comes back to your training and your shot development.


Point Structure Training – Schema’s

So where does shot execution actually come from?

In our brains, since we were babies, we develop what are called ‘schema’s’.

They are best described as three second videos that we play in our mind before we do an action, you do them everyday; brushing your teeth and tying your shoe laces. They are in your subconscious, so our need to ‘tell’ our bodies what to do becomes unnecessary, it just happens, the schema plays it out for us.

Every time you improve your game you are further developing schema’s and even creating new ones. Due to the amount of possible incoming shots in tennis, it’s not uncommon to encounter new shots and patterns every time you play.

At school of tennis we will help you develop and expand your mind to create more schema’s and more importantly help you discover the ones you have created over time.

Playing outside your stored schema’s can cause disastrous results, your brain will not be able to offer your body enough information to carry out the aiming execution. This is common in matches as players encounter new shots, especially against more developed players. This results in frustration, emotion and will result in players playing outside their minds control.

You can only use what your mind has already trained and stored, therefore matches are essentially nothing more than a training session in your development as a player.

Talented individuals have greater schema concentration in their brain, they can store easier and replicate through imagery faster than others, it is a form of intelligence, which needs to be trained and fostered in all athletes.

Talented refers to someone who can learn quickly and apply the new intelligence faster to better effect their outcome of a match. With the right mindset anyone can have the same intelligence and essentially train their talent to be better.