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Our tennis skills are the foundation of our tennis game, this is what defines tennis players from other
athletes and is the base level of self-mastery in the game.

Our skill abilities determine our shot selection and point

structure, this is the driving force behind advanced skill

training – shot development.


In Sporting terms, Skills are split into

Fine Motor Skills (grip changing, racquet balance in hand)

Gross Motor Skills (running, jumping, squatting etc)


Fine Motor Skills (FMS)

Tennis has conventionally used the term ‘technique’ to link both fine and gross motor skills at the same time.

This is detrimental to fine motor skill development as FMS requires a greater level of focus and progression based learning. 

At school of tennis we have set progressions in our programs that enable the individual to learn intrinsically and store muscle memory faster.


It is not uncommon for professionals to have Fine Motor Skill deficits and have created subordinate shot choices to cover for these weaknesses, this is why tennis players have point structure limitations.



Gross Motor Skills

Gross Motor Skill development for tennis is to progress general athletic abilities – balance, strength, range of motion, power etc

And to also tailor specific movements for tennis eg Lateral movement, hip rotation, internal rotation of the shoulder.

Our muscles work in a set kinetic chain and all our bodies, despite their differences all work to the same commands.

Our ‘Tennis Athletic’ program is based on researched biomechanical principles and progresses separately to our Fine Motor Skill program.


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